Canada, We're In This together

Months ago, when the Artworld Fine Art Gallery and I planned the opening date  of my "Dark Water" solo art exhibit (March 24, 2018, on until April 3rd and selected paintings until August 2018) we had no idea it was the same date as the 2018 Earth Hour.  the world's largest grass roots movement for the environment, co-ordinated in part by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). 

Dark Water is an show about the wonder of polar bears, and the threat posed to them through climate change. Polar bears are the world's largest land predators, the only bear that are a marine mammal, are highly intelligent, playful, strong swimmers, devoted mothers, and are beautiful, too. 

Polar bears are one of the world's most loved animals, even though it is Canada that is home to 60 - 80 % of the world's polar bear population (the other counties are U.S.A (Alaska), Norway, Greenland and Russia ).  

The polar bear is significantly intertwined with the Canadian identity, and yet, its survival status in Canada, is vulnerable

We Are In This Together  ©Christine Montague. 30" x 30" Canadian flower crown.

We Are In This Together ©Christine Montague. 30" x 30" Canadian flower crown.

Since Ancient Greece, the flower crown represented love, fertility, peace, eternity and victory.  In the painting above, a powerful looking polar bear, wears a flower crown composed of the Canadian provincial and territorial flowers and the nation's symbol, a maple leaf. In honour, love, and hope, it is placed on this mighty bear’s head.

The Dark Water Artist Reception is Saturday, March 24, 2018 (info here) .

I hope my paintings will be enjoyable to view, but also promote some conversation on polar bears, vanishing sea ice, and what we can do about it, too.

 James Kushny, a University of Toronto and Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) instructor  is a special guest.

A portion of all sales from the show will be donated to CNSC, an independent not-profit research centre dedicated to understanding and sustaining the north located in Churchill, Manitoba, polar bear capital of the world.  

At 8:30 p.m., as the reception closes, Earth Hour 2018 begins. For the next hour, whether you decide to celebrate by turning off the lights, throw a "no straws" (plastic is a problem, too) party, or perhaps, at my show, learn something new about polar bears, I wish you a happy one! 

The Fall . ©Christine Montague 30" x 30" oil painting.

The Fall. ©Christine Montague 30" x 30" oil painting.

* The provincial and territorial floral symbols are: Pacific Dogwood (British Columbia), Maple leaf (Canada), Wild Rose (Alberta), Western Red Lily(Saskatchewan), Prairie Crocus (Manitoba), Fireweed (Yukon), Purple Saxifrage (Nunavut), Mountain Avens (Northwest Territories), White Trillium (Ontario), Blue Flag Iris (Quebec), Mayflower (Nova Scotia), Purple Violet (New Brunswick), Lady’s Slipper (Prince Edward Island), Purple Pitcher Plant (Newfoundland and Labrador).