Today's New Painting #2. Scotsdale Series by Christine Montague

Up and out early to my studio in the Stone Building of the heritage Williams Mill this morning, I was painting by 7:30 am.  This little painting 8" x 8" oil painting of the stone silo at the province owned heritage  site, the Scottsdale Farm. This beautiful old stone silo  is on the Bruce Trail  (a popular walking trail - part of the Niagara Escapement in Ontario, Canada).

I love the architecture of the American Colonial Buildings at this farm which I visited for the first time January 2 of this year with my plein air painting group OPAS. With three works of art inspired by this visit completed already, and other ideas lined up ready and waiting - I guess a Scotsdale Farm series is in the works! The photo below is very glossy as so fresh off the easel & it was still too dark out to take outside in more even light.  Not a bad start to my day! And here is a better picture of "The Fourth Tree"  - also a Scotsdale Farm painting.

Today's New Oil Painting: The Fourth Tree. #1 in Scotsdale Series

Finished January 31st, this is an 8" x 8" oil painting on canvas. The long shadow lets us know exactly what the fourth  tree  - by the little white shed at the Scotsdale Farm -  looks like. Cold, crisp winter day in Ontario. That snow didn't stay for long though. Pretty to paint, but more attractive when gone.

Doing my best to stick to schedule and keep the art work coming. Exciting to see the new art work begin to line  up in my Williams Mill studio.

Scotsdale Farm has a wonderful array of white American colonial style buildings that are as wonderful to photograph as paint. It is part of the Bruce Trail, in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, and is not too far a drive from my studio north of Mississauga.