Cars, Kids & CBC

Did any one hear the Q Show today on CBC radio? I tuned while in my car just in time to hear a rep from Museum Watch UK making very odd statement on how museums weren't for children.  As my brain went wha-a-at?!, I hit what must have been the only ice left on the road in Mississauga - the stop sign I sailed through - although hitting those abs breaks mighty hard- was in the shadow of a rather large high rise.  Luckily for me the oncoming driver on the busy through street was paying attention and veered into the next lane.  Needless to say I didn't hear the rest of the show. So I know I need to hear the rest of the show in case its out of contex. But sorry kids in museums is a good thing in my book. Here in Missisauga we are desperate for museums, galleries and more.  I envy the UK for its amazing museums & galleries - free to the public. That is one of the things that the UK has right! That anyone can have access to knowledge, history, culture, inspiratiion, and odd to want to deny this to our most cherished members of the human race.

Not long after my another grey hair moment (and my apologizes to the poor driver who got to share in the moment) I had the pleasure of being a juror for a high school art competition & Show "Youth for Heritage" up in the Beaux-Arts Brampton. Grade 9 - 12 students submitted drawings, paintings & photographs of heritage buildings in their community.

As I ajudicated BAB martist talked excitedly planned  a children's art event for 3 - 5 year olds in their workshop.

I am glad that the people and institutions  I know welcome energetic young people  in their establishments.

What do you think?