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Christine Montague Galleries  My official online art gallery of polar bear art. Purchase art directly from me here. Paypal. My Art Blog My portrait blog website dedicated to my 6" x 6" portraiture oil painting commissions

My Art Blogs-

                 New in 2015 - Art Blog at (This site)

        My portrait blog website dedicated to my 6" x 6" portraits

                 http://artinsite.blogspot.comhttp://artblogger.livejournal.com Old art blogs

Other Online Galleries where I sell my art work-

                Saatchi Gallery Online

                Prints on Wood


                Giclee Reproductions  


The Sketchbook Project: Christine Montague Click CRAM Polar Bear World  

This is the digitized online version of my sketchbook with some my fantasy drawings. Most are of polar bear fantasy world. You can also see this sketchbook in person at the Sketchbook Project Library. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.


Organizations, Art Councils - 

CARFAC ONTARIO an association of professional visual & media artists CARFAC Ontario - 


CRAM Polar Bear World  Sketchbook of my fantasy drawings. View on line or at the Sketchbook Project Library. Brooklun, New York, U.S.A.


Online Directories   Canadian online gallery with Christine's work  American online gallery with Christine'spaintings  Online gallery with Christine's art d'art The Internet Art Database is the world's largest editable index of web site

 My page on Xanadu Gallery Online, Scottsdale, Arizona here


Art Business/ Help for Artists

Artsy Shark Blog, Art Business sense newsletter. workshops devoted to helping & inspiring visual artists  Canadian artist community and writing by Robert Genn



The Sketchbook Project

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