Polar Bear Cub Painting for International Polar Bear Day


Polar bear cub painting by Christine Montague comments on sea ice loss www.ChristineMontague.com

New Polar Bear Cub Painting Series

The polar bear cub painting above,  is the very first study for my new series of polar bear oil paintings, commenting on sea ice loss and its effect on polar bears. I am launching this series today, as it is  International Polar Bear Day, a day to celebrate, learn, and raise awareness about these magnificent bears.

You may have heard the stories of mother polar bears, polar bear cub(s) atop their back, must swim greater distances in search of land and food, thanks to the increase of sea ice loss due to global warming. The greater distances, and greater sea ice loss, means these trips, are not always successful, as determined and powerful as these great bears are. Polar bear cubs just simply vanish along the route, and sometimes the mothers do, too.

Apparently,  some human babies continue to play as they sink to the bottom of the swimming pool, unaware of the danger. With this in mind,in this series of oil paintings,  I show the polar bear cub at eye level, under water, but not necessarily in distress. It is up to you to decide the innocence or tragedy of the scene. Who is the viewer? The mother bear, another bear cub or undersea animal, or one of us?  What happens next?

For my online gallery of  polar bear art - paintings and portraits, please visit ChristineMontague.com

For everything polar bear, please visit Polar Bears International, the not for profit organization noted for their research and advocacy roles re: sea ice loss and effect on polar bear life.