New Art - Bright Light Names for Northern Stars

  Christine Montague original oil paintings of polar bears

Polar Bear Paintings Aurora & Borealis

Here are two new oil paintings in my Celebration of Polar Bear Series. I've named the polar bears (and the paintings as well) Aurora and Borealis for the aurora borealis, the northern lights that dance so brilliantly in the arctic sky. The size, beauty, and intelligence of the polar bear, makes this bear as magically magnetic as the northern lights.

Polar Bear Painting Aurora

Aurora (above) is the name of the polar bear portrayed in the oil painting at the start of the post. I've read that some Inuit communities believe that the aurora borealis are animal spirits,  but this Aurora has her paws firmly planted on the ground.

Polar Bear Painting Borealis

Canadian artist Christine Montague polar bear oil paintings

Borealis is a latin word that originates from the Greek personification of the north wind boreas.

Canada's arctic is home to over 60% of the world's polar bears but they also live in the arctic areas of Alaska (U.S.A.), Greenland, Norway and Russia (that's it, folks).

The word Boreas reminded me of Boris. They are not pronounced the same , but close enough, and so I often think of this painting as Boris, a popular Russian name that is fun to say, and is a nod to all the Russian polar bears, too.

A group of polar bears is known as a celebration of polar bears.  That is exactly what my new (there are 14 so far this fall) polar bear oil paintings are, happy, heartfelt celebratory tributes to these magnificent arctic animals.

Meet polar bear Ursa

Meet polar bear  Silatuyok

Meet polar bear Grace

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