A Celebration of Polar Bears: New Paintings

Polar bear oil paintings by Christine Montague, Ontario, Canada Although polar bears are solitary animals, when there is a group of them, it is known as a celebration of polar bears. Can you think of a better word to describe a gathering of these magnificent arctic animals?!

Now that the summer is over, I am back to celebrating polar bears through my oil paintings. Hot off the easel, is my version of a "celebration" of polar bears, a series of 6" x 12" polar bear portrait oil paintings on canvas. Although I recently made my first incredible journey to the Arctic (Cape Dorset & Iqaluit,  Nunavut), my polar bear models are the male bear Inukshuk, and twin sisters Nikita and Aurora of the Toronto Zoo.

Each painting is a tribute to these intelligent, mighty arctic mammals. There is no questioning each bear has a distinct personality. These portraits give a nod to their beauty, fuzziness, playfulness (goofy even?), but one should never forget their awesome teeth and powerful claws are ever present.

Please feel free to contact me through Guestbook at www.christinemontague.com or visit there for more polar bear art.

To learn more about polar bears, please visit Polar Bears International

Those of us in the Toronto area have had the pleasure of seeing Humphrey, the cub of  Inukshuk and Aurora,  grow up. If you need a little nudging as to why these animals are worthy of our support, see newborn polar bear videos and other info here.