Polar Bear Dreams in Orangeville

Polar bear oil painting by Christine Montague "On the Move", and more of my new polar bear portrait oil paintings, are on the move to the Featured Artist Wall of Dragonfly Arts on Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, February 12, - March 12, 2014.

Polar Bear Dreams

These polar bear oil paintings are part of the Polar Bear Dreams Series. (see more paintings here

The very real polar bears of the Toronto Zoo , Inukshuk, Aurora (this painting), and Nikita are the reference for my bear paintings and drawings. However, the Polar Bear Dreams paintings are designed to symbolize more. They are a dreamlike, wistful, and spiritual tribute in oil to the mighty polar bear, whose threatened future always seems open to debate.

Why "Polar Bear Dreams"?

In dream intrepretation, the symbolism held by a bear is independence, strength, death and renewal, and/or resurrection. And, if that bear is a polar bear? Reawakening.  These paintings show the physical beauty and power of the bear. The night sky, the aurora borealis (northern lights) , the use of color, and lack of detailed landscape show how this beautiful bear has a foot in our world, but may be edging closer to the spiritual one. Hopefully,  knowledge, awareness, and empathy, will ensure that the ursus maritimus remains firmly planted in this world.

The limited color pallette of Prussian (or Indigo) blue, white,  black, (and sometimes green ) creates the other-worldy mood, spirituality, and mystery.

Polar bears are actually not white, but we do see them that way. (Read the Polar Bears International article on their fur here). The white in my polar bear paintings represents strength, intelligence, innocence, and hope.

Blue is the most popular colour. Looking at blue is proven to make one feel well, and is helpful to sufferers of SAD. The blue in these paintings is more than representation of the night sky. It symbolizes the earth, the spiritual, the unknown, and beauty, too.

When I paint the green of the northern lights, it is one of the colours of the aurora borealis, but also represents nature, fertility, life and balance. The colour reflects off the bear's fur, connecting it to all this colour represents.

And, as in many of my paintings, the concept of living life "in the moment" and of solitude that is not lonely is prevelent. But, longing lingers there, too.

In these paintings, the longing can be as simple as wanting to have a real polar bear in the neighbourhood to admire. For now, I hope my paintings of polar bears at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway Gallery, in beautiful downtown Orangeville, will do.

I welcome your comments and inquiries. To see more polar bear art, or to make inquiries about my polar bear paintings (portraits, too), please feel free to comment below, or contact me  www.christinemontague.com   From Feb. 12 - Mar. 12, 2014 contact Dragonfly Arts on Broadway. 189 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L6W 1K2 (519) 941-5249  Parking is FREE in Orangeville's downtown.